John McCormack - LP Microgroove Reissues




John McCormack. Tenor. 1930 - 1938.

Unique Opera Records Company UORC 107.

Side 1:
Same contents 'as the disc issued by the John McCormack Society of Greater Kansas City of the sountrack to Song 0' My Heart, omitting "The Magpie's Nest" and including a short excerpt of dialog. The sound quality is more variable and largely poorer on UORC.

(Film) THE BOHEMIAN GIRL: When coldness or deceit 1929
(Film) A Fairy Story by the Fire August 1929
(Film) Just For Today August 1929
fFilm) I Feel You Near Me 1929
(Film) Kitty, My Love, will You Marry Me 1929
(Film) The Rose of Tralee - 1929
(Film) Luoghi Sereni e Cari 1929
(Film) Little Boy Blue 1929
(Film) Plaisir d'Amour 1929
(Film) All'Mein Gedanken 1929
(Film) Ireland, Mother Ireland 1929
(Film) I Hear You Calling Me 1929
(Film) A Pair of Blue Eyes 1929

Side 2:
(Broadcast) 0, What Bitter Grief is Mine 27 December 1936
(Broadcast) SEMELE: Wher'er you walk 1940
(Broadcast) 0 Mary Dear 19 November 1936
(Broadcast) The Star of the County Down 27 December 1936
OEA 9655-1 Off to Philadelphia 3 December 1941
(Broadcast) The Ould Turf Fire 11 October 1936
OEA 8851-1 The Gentle Maiden 9 August 1940
OEA 9668-1 By the Lakes of Killarney 26 May 1942
(Broadcast) The Garden Where the Praties Grow 17 March 1938
OEA 9083-1 At the Mid Hour of the Night 28 January 1941
OEA 9869-1 Love Thee Dearest 26 May 1942
Note: There is a pressing flaw (recurring swish) on side 2 of many, if not all, copies of UORC 107