John McCormack - LP Microgroove Reissues



Soundtrack of Musical Selections


Sung by
John McCormack
in the Film
'Song 0 My Heart'.


(14 selections)

John McCormack Society of Greater Kansas City

(Film) THE BOHEMIAN GIRL: When coldness or deceit 1929
(Film) A Fairy Story by the Fire August 1929
(Film) Just For Today August 1929
fFilm) I Feel You Near Me 1929
(Film) Kitty, My Love, will You Marry Me 1929
(Film) The Magpie's Nest 1929
(Film) The Rose of Tralee - 1929
(Film) Luoghi Sereni e Cari 1929
(Film) Little Boy Blue 1929
(Film) Plaisir d'Amour 1929
(Film) All'Mein Gedanken 1929
(Film) Ireland, Mother Ireland 1929
(Film) I Hear You Calling Me 1929
(Film) A Pair of Blue Eyes 1929